Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Causes Allergies?

Allergies can be very frustrating for pet owners and also make a pet miserable. In the last decade, allergies have been increasing at an alarming rate. Pets are becoming severely allergic to their food, fleas, grasses, medications, vaccines, and their environment. What has happened?

An allergy is a physical manifestation of a weakened or damaged immune system reacting inappropriately to a harmless substance. It can also be a reaction to the body itself, as in the case of autoimmune disorders such as allergic dermatitis, asthma, irritable-bowel syndrome and arthritis. Allergies are a combination of several factors. The three major reasons for the increase in allergies are:
#1 Poor Diet - Poor quality food given to cats and dogs account for the majority of allergies. This includes excessive amounts of cooked (canned) food; food containing chemical preservatives and artificial colorings; and foods containing moldy grain or rancid meats.
**More raw food is essential to the good health of cats and dogs. Raw food is more nutritious and is better digested. Raw foods contribute to the increase of enzymatic activities within the gut and bowels making the pet look and feel healthier. Raw food strengthens the immune system enabling them to ward off infectious diseases more easily.

#2 Vaccinations - Some veterinarians view all vaccines as "poisonous to an animal's immune system". Other veterinarians say "if pet owners really knew what vaccines did to the health of their pets, they wouldn't get them vaccinated...period!". The multiple vaccines (the giving of frequent or repeated vaccines) compromise the immune systems of many animals.
**My advice is to be informed about vaccines, the dangers, and side effects. Find a veterinarian that does not believe in giving annual vaccines.

#3 Inbreeding - Breeding practices among cat and dog breeders has resulted in gross deformities, lost instincts, altered and bizarre behavior, specific health problems and medical weaknesses.

These three categories are most responsible for the great majority of allergies typically seen in household pets today. Other relevant insults to the immune system that result in allergies are: pesticides, insecticides, cleaning products, plastic bowls, detergents, flea products, shampoos, tap water, synthetic fabrics (bedding and carpets), radiation (microwave ovens) and EMF's.

What can you do? Change your pets diet. Add raw meat, vegetables and fruits to their high quality holistic pet food or make a homemade diet. Commercial foods did not exsist 75 years ago.
Clean up and eliminate toxins in your pets environment. To reverse damage done from vaccines and toxins, your holistic veterinarian can use herbs, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, NAET (Dr. Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) or other modalities.