Friday, August 29, 2008

Improve Your Pets Health With Enzyme Rich Diet

Raw foods, especially meats, contain thousands of different types of enzymes. Enzymes are the body's workers and are essential for all of life's operations. All live cells, plant and animal, contain enzymes.

We require enzymes to digest food. Some enzymes occur naturally in food; digestive enzymes are made by the body. Different enzymes help digest different types of food. Proteases break down proteins, lipases fats, and amylases work on carbohydrates.

Cooked foods have no enzymes. Therefore there are no enzymes in dry or canned dog foods. When a dog eats cooked foods, the dog's pancreas, stomach and small intestine must make all enzymes necessary for digestion. This may put a long-term strain on these organs. The enzymes in raw foods help with digestion, reducing the load on the dog's digestive organs.

The nutritional value of enzymes in dogs' diets has been shown in many published studies in scientific journals. Adding an enzyme-rich raw diet will improve your pets health. This is simple to do by adding some chopped vegetables, fruits and meats to your pets food or make your pet a homemade diet.