Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pedigree Pet Food Recalled

Public health officials issues a warning not to feed pets certain bags of Pedigree Complete Nutrition Small Crunchy Bites because of possible salmonella contamination. Most bags were sold at Albertson's and Costco. The symptoms of salmonella poisoning include: lack of energy, diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Pets that have eaten the recalled food should see a veterinarian. For more information go to: or call 1-877-568-4463.

I hope that the pet owners that are feeding their pets this food will please look at the ingredients.
The first ingredient is corn (then corn is listed 3 other times); wheat is listed 2 times; animal fat (which is usually from rendered animals); by-products (anything but meat); artificial flavors, colors and preservatives (BHA & BHT) can cause cancer; and salt. It's like eating Fruit Loops everyday. These ingredients will not keep your pet healthy!