Saturday, August 23, 2008

Basic "Do's and Don'ts" of Discipline

Some basic "do's and don'ts" of discipline from "Be the Pack Leader" by Cesar Milan.
1. DO set your house rules, boundaries and limitations in stone between the human members of your pack before you bring a dog into your home.
2.DO make sure all the humans are on the same page as to what is or isn't allowed.
3. DO remain clear and consistent with your dog about the rules.
4. DO begin enforcing rules from your dog's first day at home -- your dog doesn't understand the concept of a "special day" or a "holiday" from rules!
5. DO always call up your calm-assertive energy when you notice a behavior you need to correct.
6. DO offer your dog an alternative to the disallowed behavior.
7. DON'T enforce rules if you are frustrated, angry, emotional or tired. Wait until you can respond unemotionally to your dog's behavior.
8. DON'T yell at or hit your dog out of anger, ever!
9. DON'T expect your dog to read your mind.
10. DON'T expect your dog to follow rules that aren't consistently enforced.
11. DON'T reinforce or encourage a fearful or aggressive state of mind.
12. DO reward your dog with treats or affection, but only when he or she is in a calm-submissive or active-submissive state.