Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Remembering Bodie

Bodie was my daughter's family dog. They live in Northern California. Bodie was a rescue dog and he was 7 months old when they adopted him. He was very thin, anemic and they found out later that he was deaf. He was a black lab and that breed is not known for deafness. They suspect that he had ear infections that were not treated.

Bodie thrived in his new home. He was so happy. He learned many tricks and commands by sign language. He was a very smart dog. He loved to play ball and he could get 3 balls in his mouth at a time! He loved to swim in the pool, swim in the nearby lake and he loved attention. Bodie grew up be a beautiful dog. Everyone loved Bodie.

Two and a half years after Bodie was adopted, he got out of the yard. They think Bodie was trying to get one of his toys that got on the other side of the fence. It was dark and Bodie is black and the street in front of their house is a busy one. Bodie didn't have a chance with the speeding car. He was rushed to the vet, but his injuries were too great. His death was a shock, he was so young and had so much more life to live. Our hearts were broken. My grandson had such a special bond with him. We all miss Bodie very much.

Bodie must have had a horrible first seven months of his life, but thanks to my daughter, son-in-law and grandson, he had a wonderful 2 1/2 years. There are thousands and thousands of dogs and cats all over the United States waiting to be adopted. If you are wanting a pet, please check your local shelter.