Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Day Working At Petco

Today, I was doing a "demo" for a healthy pet food that is new to Petco. My job was to give samples and inform customers of this new food. I was amazed at how many people were not interested and went to the "Veterinarian Recommended" food. A Petco worker said that if only one veterinarian recommended it, then they could use that "saying" on their food. He also said that the company is famous for paying for veterinarians schooling if they "push" their foods when they get out of school. He was doing his best to steer customers to other foods, telling them about the by-products, grains and preservatives.

I am amazed that pet owners don't read labels to see what is in their pet's food. They just assume that the "well know" labels must be the best. The "famous company" mentioned above has a food for digestion problems for dogs. The first 5 ingredients were grains and the only "meat" was chicken fat. How can any dog remain in vibrant health eating that?

There was a day that I didn't know any better either. I fed my cats Meow Mix and Friskies. I read those labels today and shuttered to think that I fed that to my cats. I wondered why my cats didn't live very long. I guess that is why I got my degree in nutrition and started writing this blog, its to tell as many people as I can the benefits of eating a healthy diet for them, as well as their pets.