Friday, August 1, 2008

Resources for Pet First Aid

Pets are an important part of our families and it is essential to know the basics of first aid for our pet so that you are prepared if an emergency should arise. Pet first aid training ranges from dressing a wound or performing CPR to preparing for a natural disaster. Whether you choose to take a class, purchase a book or participate in an interactive online first aid course, the results can be life saving.

The American Red Cross offers pet first aid classes in many areas of the country. You can find a listing of the classes that are offered and their locations at: The American Red Cross also offers pet first-aid books (Dog First Aid and Cat First Aid) which can be purchased through their website. Some local ASPCA organizations, offer first aid classes as well. The ASPCA offers first aid kits, informative booklets and instructional videos through their online store There are also many interactive pet first aid classes offered online that will teach you the basics of what to do in case of an emergency. Search online for one that meets your needs.