Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tips For "Potty Training" A Puppy or Newly Adopted Dog

Potty training or house training can be frustrating at times. Here are some tips that worked for me. NEVER PUNISH OR SCOLD A DOG FOR GOING POTTY IN THE HOUSE! NEVER RUB YOUR PETS NOSE IN HIS PEE OR POOP! IF YOUR DOG "GOES" IN THE HOUSE, IT IS YOUR FAULT!

1. Do not let a new dog wander the house unsupervised.
2. Take the dog outside, where you want it to go EVERY HOUR. Consistency is the key. If you do not have a few days to a week (or longer for some dogs) to do this, house training will be a problem.
3. Have a command to say, as the dog is "peeing or pooping". "Go potty", "Hurry Up" or "Do your business" are some suggestions. When you are training, keep repeating the command, over and over while they are "doing their business". It will sound silly, your neighbors will think you are nuts, but it works. After your dog is house trained, you will be able to have him "go" on command. This comes in handy at times.
4. If your dog has a "mistake" in the house, always clean the area thoroughly with Nature's Miracle or another pet odor remover. They like to go back to where they "went" and do it again.
5. If your dog starts to "go" in the house, a loud "AH-AH-AH" will usually stop it from going and you can carry it or lead your pet outside to finish.
6. ALWAYS PRAISE YOUR DOG WHEN HE "GOES" OUTSIDE. Dogs love praise and they want to please their owners.