Friday, August 8, 2008

The Truth About Vaccinations For Pets

Are they really necessary? - In a word, NO! Every year you receive an annual reminder from your vet that your pet is due for his annual checkup and vaccinations. Most pet owners believe these vaccinations are essential to their pets' health. Why else would my vet tell us they need annual booster shots? Vaccinations account for a major chunk of a veterinarian's income. It is in your vet's best financial interest that you bring your dog in every year. Also, annual vaccination schedules have ALWAYS been based on the suggestions of the vaccine manufacturers --NOT on independent research. Is it any surprise that they want annual vaccinations? The drug companies make billions from vaccinating your pets. Can you imagine humans having to get all of the recommended vaccines every year?

The drug companies can not be trusted. It takes years for them to pull dangerous vaccines and drugs off the market. Thimerosal based vaccines were used in 1935 on dogs and half of those fell ill. It was deemed that this preservative was unsatisfactory as a serum intended for use on dogs. Thimerosal was finally taken out of pet vaccines in 1991 (56 years later) because of pressure from veterinarians. It was making dogs very sick! (But, it was still used in vaccines for our babies and children for 10 more years! It is still in flu shots.)

Vaccinations have been proven to be NEITHER safe or effective. Routine vaccinations are probably the worst thing that we do for our animals. Vaccines can overwhelm and confuse the immune system. They cause all types of illnesses, chronic disease, destruction of the immune system, allergies, cancer, epilepsy/seizures, aggressive behavior, auto-immune disease and even death. Reactions might occur soon after or might take months or years to show up. You and your vet probably would not attribute the symptoms with the vaccine.

Holistic veterinarians and homeopaths have know for decades the dangers and risks of vaccinations. Most holistic vets do not give vaccinations anymore. Some just give puppy shots, one at a time, and only certains ones. It is the giving of frequent or repeated vaccines that are so harmful. There are homeopathic remedies that can be given before and after vaccinations to reduce side effects. Nosodes are an alternative to vaccines. For more information contact your holistic veterinarian.

Here are some resources so you can do your own research and reading:
Books: "Stop the Shots" by John Clifton; "Vaccine Guide for Dogs & Cats, What Every Pet Lover Should Know" by Catherine Diodati; "What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines" and "Shock to the System" by Catherine Driscoll; "Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats" by Richard Pitcairn.


Website: A memorial to Belle, a victim of vaccines
Website: A memorial to pets that have died from vaccines, NSAID's (Rimadyl), and ProHeart6(heartworm shot). (I imagine these few deaths are just a drop in the bucket!)

Website: To report adverse side effects from vaccines or medications. and

Please be informed before you have your pet vaccinated. Rabies is the only vaccine required by law. Never vaccinate a sick pet! If your pet has a bad reaction to a vaccine, don't give it again. Be very careful vaccinating older pets. If you chose to vaccinate, only give one vaccine at a time.

A quote from Richard Pitcairn, one of the country's most prominent homeopathic veterinarians "If I may venture to make a prediction, it is that fifty or one hundred years from now people will look back at the practice of introducing disease into people and animals for the purpose of preventing these same diseases as foolishness--a foolishness similar to that of the practice of bloodletting or the use of toxic doses of mercury in the treatment of disease."