Saturday, July 5, 2008

Top Killers of Cats - Obesity and Diabetes

Today, obesity and diabetes are among the top five killers of cats in the United States. As many as 500,000 cats are diabetic at any given time, and many more are obese. Pet food, especially dry, is responsible. The food is made with high amounts of cereal products and low amounts of high-quality meat. Cats are carnivores, not grain eaters. The cereal (grains) are carbohydrates, and when processed by the body, turn to sugar. (In humans as well as animals.) The result is diabetes and/or obesity.
A change in the diet, by stopping the dry food and giving a diet of high quality canned food that is high in protein and fat, will improve your cats health and the extra weight will come off.
I shared this information with my daughter, whose cat Gracie was obese. She found a high quanity dry food with no grains and mixes it with a high quality canned food and the extra weight came off.
If you go to the pet store, vet's office or supermarket and look at the labels for the "weight loss" food for pets, you will see it is filled with grains! What they need is protein not grain.