Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Holistic Care For Your Pet

If you want your beloved pets to get the best care possible, feeding them organic food is just the first step. Seeking out the services of a holistic veterinarian shows you truly care, and your pets will thank you for it.
Holistic veterinary medicine will treat the whole body, not just an isolated area. They find the cause, not just treat symptoms. Holistic medicine uses conventional tools along with holistic modalities which include changing diet, adding nutritional supplements, chiropractic and acupuncture to name a few.
Holistic veterinarians regard diet as the basis for health and treating any condition. It's the foundation. Foods are the fuel of life. Poor fuel make for little momentum in life. Our bodies do not function well on poor-quality foods, any more than a finely tuned automobile functions well on poor-quality gasoline. Many illnesses could be prevented or minimized through better nutrition. That is the same for people and pets.
Holistic veterinarians are keenly interested in nutrition and diet. They use both as primary healing tools. These animal doctors tend to be severely critical of the quality of most commercial food.
"The diseases we are treating, is the food we are feeding."
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