Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Day At The Fair and A New Fish

Yesterday, we went to the Orange County fair. My granddaughter had 2 things she wanted, a big stuffed pink bear and a new goldfish. Well, she got what she wanted. Her Dad was very lucky at one of those water shooting games and won her a big stuffed hot pink bear. She named it Berry.

Next, we were off to the goldfish game. They make these games next to impossible to win. You have to throw a ping pong ball into a small bowl. They scattered a few bowls on the table. Most goldfish games have many bowls placed close together, but not this one. Fortunately, you can pay 10 tickets and are guaranteed a fish. My granddaughter threw her 10 ping pong balls and was very disappointed not to get one in a bowl. She was very excited to learn that we could get a fish anyway. She picked out a plastic aquarium with a bright pink lid. She is going to name him Max. She decided that the first Max didn't live long enough to really have the name of Max. As we walked around the fair, with Max in tow, water kept splashing out of his little aquarium. I was hoping that he would have enough water to survive until we got home.

Well, Max survived his day at the fair, the car ride home and his first night in his new bowl. I wonder how many other fish won at the carnival survived such an ordeal. I'm surprised that PETA hasn't stepped up to protect goldfish from being exploited at carnival games!