Friday, October 3, 2008

Treats Can Add Up Alot of Calories in a Day

We all love to treat our dogs. Sometimes we treat our dogs to reward them for doing what they are told, but most of the time we give them treats because we love the interaction with our dogs. Dogs show their happiness when we give them treats, and that gives us pleasure. The treats we give our dogs are often one of the highlights of the dog's daily life. But unless we give our dogs the right treats, we may be shortening their lives.

Treats are often a major source of calories. A large biscuit or green treat may have more than 100 calories. One extra biscuit a day can cause a dog to gain a pound a month or 12 pounds per year. The grain and gluten content of these foods can add considerably to the carbohydrate level of the diet, and the stress placed upon the digestion system. Avoid treats with artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, salt and sugar.

The size of the treat is not important to dogs, it's the interaction and play with their humans that is important. Therefore give tiny treats instead of large biscuits. Tiny treats can be Charlee Bear Dogs Treats or small biscuits from Old Mother Hubbard or small pieces of meat, bananas, cheese, lettuce, a blueberry, carrot or other fresh food.