Monday, October 20, 2008

How To Choose a Dog Collar That Fits Your Dog

Dog collars are an important accessory for your dog. Putting a collar on your dog enables you to walk it safely. Collars can help you teach your dog obedience skills and they come in many different styles, shapes, sizes and colors.

The collar should be the right size for the dog. A small dog should have a small, thin, delicate collar. A large dog should have a thicker, stronger collar. The size and strength of the collar should fit the size and strength of the dog. A leather collar is best for all dogs. Leather is comfortable and it lets your dogs neck breathe.

All colors should fit your dog properly. It is best to either measure your dogs neck or take your dog to the pet store to try on the collar. The collar should not be too tight. A tight collar can restrict air flow when the dog is breathing and a tight collar can make swallowing hard or impossible for a dog. Many dogs get their collars imbedded in their necks when they are too tight. You should be able to put two fingers easily between the collar and the dogs neck. A dog with a tight collar is a very unhappy dog. A collar that is too loose can slide down the dog's neck and cause trachea damage.

Choke collars should be used for training or walking only. Dogs can strangle if the choke collar gets caught on something when no one is around. Metal collars are uncomfortable and get hot in the sun and cold in the winter.
Veterinarians say pet owner's should be checking their dogs collar every 2 weeks throughout the animals lifespan to make sure that it's not too tight.