Saturday, October 11, 2008

Keep Cats Safe On Halloween

Cats and their owners can safely enjoy Halloween with some advance planning and some common sense, says the American Humane Association. As you get ready for the festivities, keep these tips in mind.

Keep your cat safe inside. Make sure your cat is kept away from the door so it doesn't escape when you disperse candy to trick-or-treaters.

Make sure your black cat is safe from harm. Halloween in particular can lead strange people to do strange things to black cats, AHA says. Children may even react to seeing a black cat by yelling or scaring the cat. Bring your cats inside for the night and away from sight of the front door.

Make sure your pet has identification. With so much activity happening near your front door, your cat may slip outside. Identification will help ensure your cat returns to you if she becomes lost.

Keep lit candles out of reach of your pets and don't give your pet candy which can make them sick.