Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Animals Were Harmed in Super Bowl Commercials

There were a variety of animals, including a rhinoceros, ostrich and water buffalo, sometimes in outrageous situations, in the commercials shown during the Super Bowl. The American Humane Association say that they have Certified Animal Safety Representatives that monitor the many commercials. The AHA ensures us that no animals were harmed. In fact, most TV networks will not air a commercial featuring animals unless it receives American Humane's sign-off letter stating that the production did not harm any animals.

The American Humane Association is strongly supporting the adoption message. Far too many healthy and treatable animals who could be adopted are euthanized because there are just not enough resources or loving homes for them. They are reminding people to adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue group --to save a life while enhancing your own with a new companion.

In today's economic climate, the need for adoptive homes is greater than ever. More and more animals are being abandoned in vacant houses - as people lose their homes to a foreclosure. American Humane responded to this situation by establishing a foreclosure pets grant to help shelters deal with this new flood of incoming pets. It's just one of the many ways they are working to protect animals and promote the human-animal bond.

To donate to the American Humane Association go to: www.americanhumaneassociation.com