Friday, February 27, 2009

Do Pets Go to Heaven?

I wrote a blog in October about pets going to Heaven (Do Pets Go to Heaven?, October 22, 2008). There is a website, that has a lot of great information.
You can sign up for their monthly newsletter and you can ask for prayer for sick or lost animals. They even have stories about answered prayers. The site has many articles, stories and resources about animals.

Recommended books from Eternal Animals:

"Who Says Animals Go to Heaven?" - A collection of prominent Christian Leaders beliefs in life after death for animals.

"The Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss is Heaven's Gate" - Pet loss support from a Christian perspective.

"There is Eternal Life for Animals" - Proves through Bible scripture that all animals go to Heaven.

"Animal Prayer Guide" - Prayers and blessings for your pet that you can use everyday.
All of these books can be purchased on their website.