Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dr. Oz is WRONG!

A few days ago, Dr. Oz had a segment on his show, about keeping your dog healthy. He was promoting Pedigree Dog Food. I don't think he had read the ingredients of the food. Pedigree Dog Food is like feeding your dog junk food.

Pedigree Dog Food contains corn, (first ingredient), corn gluten, by-products, bone meal, chicken fat (so the animal will eat it), artificial colors, artificial flavors, salt, sugar, sodium nitrate (linked to cancer) and BHT (a preservative linked to cancer).

Pedigree Dog Food rates only 1 star, the worst rating for pet foods, by Find out why.

There are millions of people that follow Dr. Oz and follow has advice. I love watching his show, especially the shows about nutrition and alternative therapies. He has lost credibility with me for promoting a food that is harmful to pets. I know he has received a lot of negative responses for promoting such an inferior pet food. It is sad to think that there are many more people out there that will buy this food because Dr. Oz recommended it.

Please check out How does your pet food rate?

Another great resource concerning pet food is:

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