Sunday, May 29, 2011


I have just finished a 56 page dissertation on the harmful effects of vaccinations. Most of my research was on vaccines for children. It is very alarming the numbers of babies that die and are disabled because of vaccinations. More babies die from vaccines than do from the diseases they were meant to protect them against.

Pets are being harmed at the same rates, if not more often. Pets are being vaccinated yearly or in some cases twice a year. This is totally unnecessary. Veterinarians are seeing an alarming increase in auto-immune system diseases resulting from vaccines. Some veterinarians say that most of their clients (80%) have illnesses caused by vaccines.

When I got Buddy, he was 8 weeks old. The very next day, I took him for a check up with the vet. The vet gave him all his puppy shots. A few days later, he became violently ill. He spent 3 days at the pet hospital and the vet didn't know whether he was going to live or not. The vet had no idea what made him sick. It wasn't until I wrote my paper on vaccinations, that I realized that it probably was a reaction from the vaccines.

Buddy also has a chronic runny nose. While doing my research on vaccine side effects, I discovered that the Bordetella vaccine, which is put in the nose, can cause chronic sinusitis which can lead to nasal cancer.

Here are some reactions pets can have after vaccinations (can be hours, days, weeks or years): fever, stiff or painful joints, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, blindness, encephalitis, skin problems, lack of appetite, allergic shock, bleeding gums, allergies, seizures, hyperthyroidism, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus, hemorrhages, kidney or liver failure, degenerative arthritis, cancer, chronic health problems and even death.

Here is a quote from Martin Goldstein, DVM, from his book "The Nature of Animal Healing": "A growing number of holistic and now even conventional veterinarians are convinced, from sad experience, that vaccines as they're administered in this country to pets are doing more harm than good. I myself think that's a conservative view. I think that vaccines, justly credited as the tamers of disease epidemics, are nevertheless the leading killers of dogs and cats in America today."
He continues, "So are we better off for having curtailed epidemics with vaccines if in the long run the vaccines leave us weaker as a species than we were before? At the least, such doubts cast troubling shadows on the once bright case for human vaccines. For pets, the picture is far, far darker than that."

More than thirty different highly concentrated organisms are injected into a puppy before they are a year old. Some of the diseases they are vaccinating against, don't even exist anymore.
Richard Pitcairn, DVM, has not used vaccines in his practice in over 30 years (except legally required rabies).

Never vaccinate a sick animal, an animal undergoing surgery, an animal on steriods (even creams) or an animal that is too young or too old. Their immune systems will be over burdened.
There are some great resources available on vaccines for animals. "Vaccine Guide for Dogs and Cats, What Every Pet Lover Should Know", by Catherine Diodati, MA; "Natural Health for Dogs & Cats", by Richard Pitcairn, DVM; and "The Nature of Animal Healing", by Martin Goldstein, DVM (Chapter Four "The Dubious Legacy of Vaccines" is excellent!).

Some veterinarians say, "If pet owners really knew what vaccines did to the health of their pets, they wouldn't get them vaccinated...period!"

**My advise is to be informed about vaccines (for your pets and your children), the dangers, and the side effects. Find a veterinarian who does not believe in giving annual vaccines or giving vaccines at all.

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