Sunday, June 19, 2011


To make an easy transition for your kitten, you need to be prepared before bringing it home. This time needs to be simple and stress free for the kitten.

You should also keep the kitten away from your other dogs and cats for awhile. It will have had a big ordeal already, taken away from its' mother and the only home it has known.

Before bringing kitty home, you need to create a "safe room". This will be a spare bedroom or bathroom with a cat bed, a cat carrier or box that the kitten can hide in, a water bowl and a litter box. You will bring it food 3-4 times a day and that will build trust in you.

Put an unwashed T-shirt or blanket, that you've used, on its' bed or hiding box so the new kitten can start getting used to your scent.

Right when you bring the kitten home, go straight to the safe room. Don't put the kitten down in any room, don't give it a bath and don't give it a chance to run and hide somewhere.

Don't give the kitten free access to any other rooms for at least several days or a week. It is best to introduce your kitten to one room of the house at a time, focusing on one or two new rooms a day. This applies to all kittens under 4-5 months.

This worked very well for me when I got a new kitten a year ago.