Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Worst Pet Food Ingredients

The following list of pet food ingredients and ratings was created by a cooperative effort between pet food formulator Dr. Lisa Newman, N.D., Ph.D.(, Mike Adams (, and the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( Mike Adams and the CWC analyzed the ingredients of 448 popular pet food products sold in the United States and organized them by frequency. Dr. Newman then provided a nutritional analyis and comment for each ingredient.

1. salt, sodium chloride, iodized salt & sea salt - used to cover up rancid meat and fat, can cause kidney and heart disease, hypertension; 2. sucrose, sugar, corn syrup, sorbitol & dextrose - leads to hyperactivity, addiction to food, weight gain, causes diabetes, ill health; 3. partially hydrogenated soybean oil - causes digestive upset, premature aging; 4. tetra sodium pyrophosphate - is a rust remover used in cleasing products (TSP)! Used as emulsification of rendered animal fats. Very toxic, causes nausea & diarrhea; 5. corn or ground corn - inexpensive feed-grade can include moldy grain or fungus which can cause death, allergies; 6. corn gluten meal or corn gluten - waste product, cheap non-nutritive filler used as protein source, can cause allergies & sugar imbalances; 7. yellow 5 - artificial color, a salicylate which can be become deadly to cats with extended use; and blue 2, red 40, red 3, other color - artificial colors, carcinogenic; 8. poultry by-products & poultry by-product meal - ground up carcasses, can include dead, diseased foul, all internal parts void of healthy meat; 9. smoke flavor - can potentially become carcinogenic, retards bacteria on rancid meat; 10. dried meat by-product - can include tumors & diseased tissues, rancid trim pieces & innards of various animals; 11. dried plain beet pulp, dried beet pulp & dried beet pulp (sugar removed) - pure sugar filler- leads to weight gain, hyperactivity & feeds arthritis, allergies; 12. salmon meal/salmon - can add mercury to the diet; 13. dried whey - encourage allergies, cheap protein source from cow's milk; 14. dicalcium phosphate - can become toxic to body - texturizer in can food; 15. ethoxyquin (a preservative) - the most carcinogenic preservative, most in industry have stopped using it except very cheap, poor quality foods (Science Diet!); 16. fish - non-descriptive, probably rancid & poor quality, high levels of mercury; 17. rice & rice hulls, gluten, flour, bran -cheap filler, can be harsh on intestines, encourages diabetes, poor protein; 18. egg product - cheap source of protein, waste product of egg industry; 19. soybean hulls -cheap filler, harsh on intestines; 20. dried brewers yeast - can become toxic to liver, waste product of beer & ale industry; 21. sodium carbonate - neutralizer for rancid fats, similar to lye; 22. dried cellulose - very harsh on digestive tract, suspected to include cardboard or peanut hulls; 23. soy flour - cheap source of grain protein, filler, can cause bloat/death in dogs; 24. sodium tripolyphosphate - used as rancid meat preservative; 25. sodium nitrite (for color retention) - potentially highly carcinogenic; 26. sodium hexametaphosphate (emulsifier, texturizer) - cheap source of phosphorus can become deadly to dogs; 27. propylene glycol - adds sweetness to food, used in antifreeze, possible carcinogen; 28. soybean mill run - this is the sweepings off the floor-cheap filler, poor source of protein; 29. fish oil - non-descriptive type of fish can include rancid source of "throw away" catches; 30. poultry fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols) - non-descriptive, can be any foul, often rancid prior to preserving with Vitamin E, poor quality fat.

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