Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pets Gain Weight On "Weight Loss" Foods

A recent survey indicated that 40% of America's pet population is overweight.

Twenty years ago commercial diets appeared for dogs and cats that were designed to promote weight loss. They are labeled "lite", "reducing", "weight control" or "senior diets". The problem is that they do not work and pets are gaining weight and not getting the vitamins, minerals and nutrients their bodies require.

The weight loss foods have lower protein and fat and more fillers and carbohydrates, such as corn. The theory is that the fillers or grains make the pet feel full, but they don't lose weight. The pet owners reduce the amount of food and may result in nutrient deficiencies in some animals. Many pets on these "weight loss" diets develop dry, itchy, flaky skin and have coats that are coarse and greasy and lack luster. They may have cracked nails and pads.

Better results will be obtained by eating controlled portions of a high quality pet food with high quality protein sources (main ingredient), moderate percentages of high quality fat and low in carbohydrates (grains). Add exercise to the recipe and the weight reducing results will be excellent and predictable.