Monday, November 24, 2008

Buddy Got Skunked, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Buddy got skunked again, last night! Buddy must have remembered the skunk because he was sprayed on his rear end (he must have been running away!).

This time I was prepared. I didn't let him in the house, I didn't try to wash him with water. I made a mixture of 1 quart peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 tsp liquid dish detergent. I washed the smell off of him, rinse him, and then let him in the house. There is a slight skunk smell, but nothing like the last time. This happened at midnight, much too late for a bath. This mixture works really good removing the smell, but it has bleached parts of Buddy's hair, red. He looks more like a tri-colored Border Collie on his head. I have read that an alternative to peroxide is white vinegar.

I need to work on making sure this skunk doesn't come back. I have learned that skunks can and do eat anything; bird eggs, bugs and larvae, small rodents, garbage, pet food, nuts, berries, fruits, water sources and bird feeder spills. Well, I do have bird feeder spills.

They can get through a hole only 4" wide. They are not climbers, but are great diggers. He dug a hole under the chicken wire that is across my back fence. I need to repair the fence so he won't come under it. Skunks also don't like light, so I will leave my back porch light on. Some people have used spicy pepper solutions that should be reapplied every few days. I will also call my local nursery to check out commercial repellents.

I will spray the hose, with a high pressure nozzel, before I let Buddy out at night. Skunks don't like water. It will get the skunk out of the yard, before Buddy goes out. I am tired of my house smelling like skunk.